Trying to import Vanguard 401(K) transactions

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I managed to find the page on Vanguard's site where I can actually download a Quicken QFX file. I also downloaded a CSV file so I can see there are transactions for time period selected.

Why am I getting an error that there are no new transactions?

I deleted all but the XIn activity from my paychecks to start fresh.

I'm running Quicken Classic Premier R54.16, Build on Windows 10.



  • Michael Rosen
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    Does anybody have any ideas?

  • mshiggins
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    If you had previously downloaded/imported the transactions to your 401(k) account in Quicken, then deleted the transactions from Quicken, you will not be able to re-import the transactions as Quicken remembers the imported transaction IDs. You can trick Quicken into reimporting the transactions by editing the QFX file and adding an extra digit or letter to each transaction ID.

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