Quicken Classic Deluxe running extremely slow on Windows 11 Pro

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I have significant performance issues (extreme lagging) with Quicken Classic Deluxe Version R54.16 Build running on a virtual machine (VM) with Windows 11 Pro hosted on a MacBook M1 Pro via VMware Fusion 13.5 (Player version 22583790). Despite ensuring all updates are installed, having a high-speed fibre optic internet connection (>400 Mbps), and other memory-intensive applications performing optimally, Quicken exhibits slow performance, characterized by prolonged file opening times and delayed processing of new transactions. A fresh reinstall of Quicken has not resolved the issue, and other programs are functioning without problems, indicating the problem is specific to Quicken and not related to general VM or host system performance. The slowness persists on a copied version of the file that has been super-validated and on old files that were known to have run normally. I saw in the community that problems were reported previously with Windows 11 but that was over a year ago. That must have been resolved by now. Any ideas? Does Quicken Inc have a tool for checking files for corruption? Task Manager chows my CPU at around 50% and memory at around 80% while Quicken is processing.


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    A quick troubleshooting test to determine if the issue is data file or Quicken/Windows environment related is to create a new data file and see if you experience the same issue when opening the new test file.

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    How much RAM have you assigned to your VM?
    With Windows 11, I recommend 16 GB RAM (or more if supported by VMWare). Shut down Windows, reconfigure VM and reboot VM, then boot Windows again.
    Be sure your Quicken data files are stored on the C: - drive belonging to Windows, not on a separate networked drive or the Mac's Documents or Desktop folders.

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