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My credit card has been compromised, and I cancelled the card and requested a new one. When I receive my new card, I need to go to all my payees and provide them with my new card#.
I was hoping Quicken could provide a list of scheduled bills that I pay with that card.
Unfortunately I can seem to find a list of all Bills with the account info.

There was a similar discussion for a different reason in:

The closest I could find was the Bills and Income, Projected Balances, filtered by Account over the next 12 months, but I can't print this list. If I created a new Quicken Account name, I could go through this list and as the bills are updated with the new account, it would remove itself from the list. But I I don't want to create a new Quicken Account name when the bank provides me with a new card#.

Any other ideas?



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    Best thing I can suggest is to take a screen shot of the monthly reminders page (CTL-J) sorted by account and mark em off with a pencil as they are updated. Not very elegant, but keeping the same account name makes it tough to do otherwise.

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    The last time I had a credit card number changed due to fraud, the card issuer told me it would notify my payees. I didn't have to do anything.

    But being careful, I looked at the numbers the payees were using and one or two of them needed updating, even though the CC company was honoring the old number from known payees. But mostly, the card issuer did the work.

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