Wrong price on a bond


Where does Quicken get the prices used to update account balances in Quicken? Specifically, where does Quicken get bond prices? I own one bond that periodically is priced incorrectly. Then, the next time I update, the price is fine. Then, a few days later, I get another bogus price — all for only just 1 bond. I own a number of other bonds, and no problem with them.


  • QuickUserPSP
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    @Jack Scripps - Bond prices come from the update file from your financial institution that holds the bond. You would need to ask them why the prices are wrong. If all your bonds have the same custodian, then there might be a specific issue with that bond's pricing. If that bond has a different custodian, then it could be an issue with that custodian. The CUSIP or fund ID may be incorrect. But bottom line, this is not a Quicken pricing issue.

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