One Step Update Summary incomplete


When I run the One Step Update, only 2 financial institutions out of 6 show up in the Update Summary.

When I run an update from a missing individual account, I see the progress of downloading the transactions but the update summary for that account is blank.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Amex and Capital One are the only ones that show up. My credit union, a couple other credit cards, and my investment account custodian are all missing.


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    @oakgrrl - what are the connection method of the missing financial institutions? If I make a guess, they are all EWC?

    Check the last update date and time for each of the FIs. The last update date and time is under the account title in your account register. Since you have multiple accounts, it is probably easiest to do this by going into your Account List. If they are missing, if it says something like "not determined" then the easiest way to correct this issue, is to deactivate and reactivate all of the missing accounts. Sometimes when you just correct the missing accounts, the error shows up in other EWC accounts. So sometimes you need to deactivate and reactivate ALL accounts using the EWC transmission method.

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