Adding check numbers to manual check entry


How can I enter check numbers of manual checks (or EFT for debit purchases)?


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    Unless you have "show date before check number" selected in your register preferences, (edit>preferences on your toolbar) click the down arrow in the window in the far left column, then select "Next Check Num." The list in this window also allows you to select ATM, Deposit, Transfer, EFT, etc; and you can also select "Edit" and enter titles you desire. If you don't see a title listed such as "debit" then use the scroll bar until the title appears. I had to manually enter "Debit" when I started using Quicken. I have a Target Debit card that shows as Target Debit on my bank statement so I created an entry using that name when I make a purchase at Target and manually enter the transaction. I pay the majority of my bills through the electronic bill pay provided by my bank so I created an entry "EPay" to use when I enter a payment in my register and I enter the payment confirmation number in the memo window.

    If this is the first time you have entered a check number in your registerer, click inside the window to the left of the down arrow and manually enter your check number. In the future select "Next Check Num" and the next check number will automatically appear. This is a nice feature because if the next check number doesn't correspond with the check number you are entering in the register you may see that you previously forgot to enter a check transaction in your register and you can now enter it. You can manually enter the number if the "Next Check Num" is incorrect.

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    Thank you! First time back after a couple of years and a lot of changes have been made.

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