can't connect to Capital One or PayPal

My other accounts are connecting, but not these. I reauthorized Capital one, and on capital one's side it said it was successful, but when I look at quicken's side, it was not.

I can't even begin to connect with PayPal. Any suggestions? Here are some screenshots:


  • sarita226
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    I have been having identical issues with getting info from my Capital One accounts to Quicken, for the last 4 months. Capital One continues to tell me everything is all set. When Quicken attempts to connect to download information, I get a similar "Unexpected error" message to that of the above poster.

  • Well, Quicken support? Can you give Sarita and I any insight?

  • Hi Sarita,

    I was able to download my Capital One transactions by going on the Capital One website, and choosing my desired date range, and downloading from there.

    Hope this helps.


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