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I can't find Freedom Mortgage Loans to connect my accounts, it's a deal breaker for me.

I read some posts here without a status and some suggestions to create offline accounts (not good for me).

What's the STATUS of a "working online connection between Quicken and Freedom Mortgage"?

I would probably request a subscription refund if this can't be done.



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    @Zeeker - Having a manual loan on Quicken shouldn't be a deal breaker. Many Quicken users prefer the flexibility of a manual loan over an online loan. Here is some information I retrieved via Copilot.

    1. Manual Loans:
      • Setup Process: When you create a manual loan account, you manually enter all relevant loan details. This includes the loan amount, interest rate, payment schedule, and other specifics.
      • Advantages:
        • Flexibility: Manual loans allow you to customize the setup according to your specific loan terms.
        • Register Access: You can easily access and maintain the loan register.
        • Split Transactions: You can split the opening balance to account for additional costs like taxes and registration fees.
      • Recommendation: Many experienced Quicken users prefer the manual approach for loans.
      • Conversion: You should be able to convert a manual setup to a linked account later if needed1.
    2. Linked (Express Connect) Loans:

    In summary, both methods have their merits, but many users find manual loans more flexible and recommend them. If you initially set up a manual loan, you can explore converting it to a linked account later if needed.

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    @Zeeker - one thing that the information above did not include is that you can also convert an online loan to a manual loan. I have seen several posts where the user was having issues with the online loan and the best remedy was to convert the loan to a manual loan.

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