How do Rollovers totals work with Subcategories?


I have been using Quicken for over 10 years, and hate to admit I still do not fully understand the rollover function within budgets. Specifically with sub-categories.

I have a category for Groceries. And I have a subcategory for Alcohol.

This is January and it looks fine. I have a total budget of 475. I overspent by 163 on “everything else” but nothing for Alcohol, So Groceries is 88 over.

This makes perfect sense to me. Then comes February…

As you can see, I only spent 277 in February on “everything else”. This is under the 400 monthly amount, but 40 over the 2 month total of 800. So that line is good.

I spent 85 on Alcohol ( Don’t judge… I like my Bourbon) , 10 over monthly total, but 65 under the 2 month running total. So I still have 65 left in my YTD budget. Again, that line is fine.

My confusion is the Groceries line. It is showing 138 over. This makes no sense to me. I would expect it to show I have 25 left. 840 “everything else” + 85 Alcohol = 925. YTD total budget is 950.

What am I missing?

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