*Critical Issue* Quicken Sets Defaults Bill Reminders to Recurring


I have been a Quicken User since 2008 for 16 years. I was using 2010 so I decided to what I considered to upgrade, so in 2023, I purchased the Quicken Classic Business & Personal software version R54.16.

I noticed that when setting up my bill reminders Quicken is setting them to recurring by default. This is a major concern if the bill is a one-time payment. Quicken is setting organizations up to unintentionally pay suppliers more than once. I almost made this mistake when I was setting up a 1-time payment for a supplier for $366.25. Quicken set it up to be monthly, which if I hadn't caught it, would have possibly caused my organization to think that the payment wasn't made and accidentally send duplicate payments.

I then had to check all my other bill reminders and noticed several other one-time payments were set up to be recurring by Quicken and I had to manually change to one time payment myself. These payment were significantly higher.

When I contacted Quicken on 3/5/24 via chat, I was told Quicken has designed bill reminders to be set to recurring by default and users have to manually change to only once.

Quicken is setting households and companies up for failure and also setting Quicken up for a major lawsuit if this isn't fixed.

As a user of Quicken for 16 years, when setting up bill reminders the default was once and a user then had to set up recurring.

How does Quicken know the frequency of a user's bills to set it up as monthly? This is a major issue and Quicken needs to take action on this urgently. The default needs to be once and the user can set up the recurrence as desired, not Quicken.


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    Even in your old Q 2010 and prior versions, the default for Scheduled Reminders has always been "Recurring, Monthly". This never changed.

    This is one of those settings where, if Quicken were to decide on changing this default to "One time", then they would get complaints from all the other users who prefer "Recurring, Monthly". Whichever way you turn, you can't get it right for everybody.

    For me, if I have to absolutely remember a one time transaction which is many months into the future, I will use a Scheduled Reminder with a One time setting.
    All other one time transactions, due within the next few weeks, are recorded into the register as regular future-dated transactions. And if I have to pay by check and mail it, I date the transaction 10 days before Due Date, to allow time for mail delivery and processing.
    There is no need for me to set up One Time reminders for anything else.

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