Wells Fargo and web connect

Running classic Quicken Deluxe, Build On Windows 11 Home, R54.16

Problem since last year. Still can't download from Wells Fargo bank account to Quicken Is there a fix?

Thanks for help, [Removed - Personal Information]


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    @Carolyn Wight What connection method are you using for Wells Fargo? How many Wells Fargo accounts do you have, and what types are they? When were they last successfully updated? If you go to your Account List, you can find this information in the "Transaction Download" and "Last Download" columns.

    Are you trying to download through One Step Update, "Update Now", or by uploading a data file from your online account at Wells Fargo? What error messages do you get? I know you indicate "Web Connect", but I want to confirm the updated methods you have tried or have used.

  • Carolyn Wight
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    I access Wells Fargo now through regular internet. I can no longer get them through Quicken and have not been able to do so since WF went to web connect in Nov. I have always done all my financial downloads through Quicken until WF changed. I used One Step up date. That doesn't work now. I really miss Quicken.

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    @Carolyn Wight Wells Fargo did not go to "Web Connect". There was a migration to Express Web Connect+ (EWC+). Web Connect is where you go to your online account with Wells Fargo Bank, and then download a file to Quicken from there. Is this what you are currently doing?

    Why doesn't the account update work with OSU currently? Do you get error messages? Are you getting errors when you try to reconnect Online Services with Wells Fargo Bank?

    How many accounts do you have with Wells Fargo Bank?

    I am sure we can get you reconnected again. These questions will give me a better understanding of your situation and then I can give you step by step instructions on how to reconnect to Wells Fargo Bank.

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