JPMorgan IRA Account is Throwing a Securities Mismatch for US DOLLAR (i.e., cash)

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I have two separate investment accounts at JPMorgan: 1) A taxable brokerage account; and 2) A traditional IRA account. I am tracking them separately in Quicken.

I have been attempting to get these two accounts connected for Online Services. This has proven to be elusive over the years. In my recent attempt, I've gotten closer to a smooth connection. However, I have hit a bump.

At one point in my adventure Quicken was throwing a Securities Mismatch for “US DOLLAR” (i.e., cash). I was able to fix this mismatch (for the taxable brokerage account) by clicking on the “Reset Money Marker Securities/cash options” found inside the Account Details dialog box. See screen shot labeled “Account Details – Brokerage.” I followed the prompts and clicked on the recommended radio button – i.e., treat it as cash.

I’m unable to fix the IRA account. There is no “Reset Money Marker Securities/cash options” to be found for this account. See screen shot labeled “Account Details – IRA. As a result, Quicken continues to throw a Securities Mismatch for “US DOLLAR.”

What am I missing? Or is this a Quicken systems glitch?

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