Quicken has quit bringing in categories with my memorized transactions


I saw a post on this with a slightly different title, but I could not respond and ask anything.

From the other post, I tried to Validate and then Super Validate. None of these two actions worked. It just happened and I don't know why. Stange things happen in Quicken Deluxe at times that make no sense to me. A few days ago, I had finished using Quicken and everything was fine. A couple of days later, I opened it up again and, after updating, half of my accounts showed a "do not enter type sign" which was a circle with a line through it. It was time consuming, but I reset and added all the accounts back. Then I discovered this issue. All my memorized transactions are still there but will not auto fill by using the tab key. Are there any other suggestions? Please help.


  • MelodieLicht
    MelodieLicht Member

    Same issues I have after downloading transactions… all accounts are missing the categories! Thought this Quicken is supposed to save time! If you have to do in manually, kind of takes away some of the allure!