Bug: My Mac checking account displays wrong balance when filtering


Today I called customer support regarding a display issue while viewing one of my "checking" accounts in the latest version of Quicken Classic for Mac (subscription)

The problem was that after reconciling transactions downloaded from the bank, one of my checking accounts would display the balance column matching the "online" and "today" balance if I chose to filter transactions by 12 months. However, if I chose to filter transactions by the last 90 days, 60 days, 7 days, it would show me a completely difference balance.

The transactions are all sorted by Date (column) in descending order, so the balance should not change no matter the number of days I chose.

Customer support connected to my PC remotely and did a number of steps to try to correct the problem. The only thing that seemed to work was to export all transactions as QFX and create a brand new file with all the transactions. After that, the filtering would not change the balance.

Once I hung up with Customer Support, I went back to understand the problem and I noticed that some transactions were status "uncleared" even though they should've been reconciled. I used the balances to verify against my bank, and sure enough, non of those transactions existed in the bank (online) register, but were only in my local register, and they were not reconciled… So, I remember that those transactions were added via "Bill" feature in a recent update. I went to the Bill dialog and I clicked on the 3 dots and chose "Delete Series" et voila! Problem solved!

So this is definitely a bug. Quicken should've reconcile those billing transactions automatically (match online transactions with same payee or amount) or allow the user to reconcile them by saying "there is a discrepancy here, do you want to add adjustment" which would've been a hint to fix the problem by either keeping the billing series, or removing them.

Filtering transactions that are sorted the same way, say by descending date, should not change the balance. Having local transactions that are not reconcilable, but are in the register, is a problem.


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