Charles Schwab Connectivity Problems - Unable to Deactivate Accounts

Johnrg Member ✭✭

I got a 506 error after a download from Schwab today 3/7/24. Upon trying to deactivate my account and reset, I got another error/message: "Quicken can not edit Schwab because there are downloaded transactions that must first be accepted into the account register or transaction list. Finish accepting the downloaded transactions, and then try again."

So unable to do a thing to reset shy of completely removing the account.

A possible conflict was I closed a savings account at CSB this morning. Because Schwab had closed the account and possibly had a record/transaction pending, it caused the error. I deleted that Savings account from my accounts, so it was no longer linked, but the errors persist.

Not sure how to proceed.


  • Johnrg
    Johnrg Member ✭✭

    It is now resolved. I restored a backup from a week ago. I still had the remaining Schwab savings account there so figured it would update all. I was able to disable the Savings account, but could not disable the brokerage. It threw an 805 error for 2 accounts. So decided to reload my backup from today instead of fussing anymore. Restored the file. Did an update and voila! No more errors, so maybe it was a server issue at Schwab, or maybe a glitch in Quicken. All seems sorted.

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