Bill reminder not showing Current Credit Card Balance as an option


I have Quicken Classic Deluxe, version R54.16. I accidentally deleted a Bill Reminder for a manual bill on a credit card (not the account, just the reminder). It was set up like all my other credit card reminders so that the amount due was "Current Credit Card Balance". When trying to set the reminder back up, I don't see that option. It only shows "Fixed Amount", "Previous Payments", and "Time of Year". I had first set these up several years ago. Have I forgotten how to set it up or is that option actually missing?


  • QuickUserPSP
    QuickUserPSP Member, Windows Beta Beta

    In order to get that option, you need to set up the credit card payment using a transfer reminder. The "From account" is your checking account, or the account you make the credit card payment from. The "To account" should be your credit card account. You should then see "Credit Card Balance" in the list of options.

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