Quicken incorrectly categorizing transactions as a transfer

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A week or so ago, on the same day, there were two unrelated transactions in two different accounts. And, for the same amount. One was a credit, and one was a debit:

An ACH deposit was made from a payee to a Savings account for $100.
A payment was made to a payee for $100 using a credit card account.
The two payees are unrelated.

When Quicken downloaded these two accounts, it incorrectly assigned the categories as a transfer between the two accounts.

Trying to correct this made a confusing mess; when I changed the category of one, the other record disappeared completely - I think - and I had to make a manual entry for it.

Is there some setting in Quicken that controls whether or not I want Quicken to behave in this way? Thanks in advance for your help.



  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Edit > Preferences > Transfer Detection

    You can turn transfer detection off or subject it to your confirmation.

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  • FredMaine
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    Excellent, thank you.

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