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I inadvertantly deleted my Cash account...can I restore just that account from backup? If not, how do I set up a new cash account?


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    You can't restore an individual account from backup, you have to roll back the entire file.

    If you want to add a new Cash account, click the "+" button at the top of the account sidebar & when asked to pick a financial institution select "Offline Account". Then select Cash account for the account type (it's in the lower right quadrant).

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    Thank You

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    Actually, there is a process by which you can restore only the cash account from a backup. It's a bit involved, but here goes…

    1. First, make a backup of your current file that you can revert to in case anything goes wrong. Save this backup in a safe place.
    2. Restore the older backup of your data that contains the deleted cash account to a NEW QUICKEN FILE. Make sure this new file is named something completely different from your regular file, for example, MYQUICKENRESTORE.quicken.
    3. Open this newly restored temporary file.
    4. Delete every account except the cash account that you are trying to restore. (If you have many accounts with many transactions, this may take quite a while.)
    5. Once the temporary file has only the cash account remaining, click menu File > Export > Quicken Transfer File (QXF) and save that QXF file somewhere such as your Desktop.
    6. Now open your regular Quicken file (the current one with the missing cash account).
    7. Click menu File > Import > Quicken Windows File (QDF, QXF) and point it at the QXF file you just saved.
    8. This will import the QXF which contains only the cash account to your file.
    9. Note that links of any transfer transactions in the cash account to other accounts in your file will be broken and you will have to fix those manually.

    One other note… if something like this happens again, as long as you recognize it quickly and have not closed the file, you can use menu Edit > Undo to reverse the account deletion action.

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