Projected Balances - learning from past data

Quicken has an immense amount of my past data regarding financial transactions. Why can't it use that data to give me a baseline cash flow or projected balance forecast? Adding manual reminders is a time consuming and inaccurate.



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    Hi Todd,

    You raise an interesting and, in my view, a somewhat "out of the box' question for this forum.

    Personally, having used Quicken for 40 years (wow, just typing that makes me feel even older) and also being a CPA, I can tell you that I have always viewed Quicken as a financial information system.

    In that important role, it provides relevant historical data and trends that allow users to understand our historical finances, and to use that data to understand where we are on our financial journey, and how to control our future activities to better use the resources available to achieve our personal goals, as they change over time.

    That being said (and I apologize if it was more that you actually wanted to hear) I think that objective is actually what Quicken was initially designed to do, and continues to do well. That doesn't mean that Quicken could not be enhanced to more easily provide projected data like probable cash flow scenerios/forecasts based on historical data. But at this point in time - at least - I suspect that Quicken continues to be focused on being the best personal financial application, for the time being.

    Who knows what enhancements might be added in the future?

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    Todd, you can suggest the enhancement by posting in one of the categories here:

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