Did not renew - now get "too many datasets" error message after crashed disk & restore (edit)


I have been using Quicken since v.1.0 in the mid-eighties, when it was a DOS program sold from someone's garage. I always have used it just as a checkbook register with which I reconcile my monthly bank statements. I occasionally have tried a few of the other functions, such as bill payment and transaction downloads, but always found snags that made me decide to stop using them. I don't do budgeting, asset tracking, financial management, or even create reports. At this point, I have four data files that consist of check registers and that's it. And that is all that I need.

I decided not to renew at the current prices because I don't want to pay that much for just a checkbook reconciliation program and because I read that I could continue to use my data after expiration, albeit without program patches or cloud access. Even with Quicken's obnoxious nag messages, I can live with that.

Two weeks after my subscription expired, my boot drive crashed and I had to reinstall everything on it. I added Quicken back and then patched through the last allowed update. I restored my four data files from backup and the reinstallation of the program created a new, fifth data file, so I now have five data files. Unfortunately, as I was restoring my data files, I started getting error messages about having "too many datasets."

I contacted support via chat. I was told that there is nothing that can be done about that message if I am not subscribed and that the only file that can be used after expiration is the last one open at the time of expiration. Luckily for me, the last open file was the one to which I need access the most, i..e., the same account that I tracked with v.1.0 forty years ago, but I still would like to be able to use the other accounts on the occasions that I need them.

Is there really no way to use these other accounts if I don't resubscribe?