Capital One lost 2023-2024 transactions even though it said downloaded and no error

Just updated to the latest version. I have 7 credit card accounts. Three of them seem to be missing a few transactions, with some gaps going back to 2023. I manually added what was missing, but it was weird.

WORSE is Capital One. I see others have similar issues but latest comment is closed from about a week ago. My capital one seems to download fine no errors but my last transaction date is 5/8/2022. Yes 2022 and I have transactions with autopayments going in every month. Yet it shows downloaded all but doesn't.

I then tried to reset up the account. Well, it set it up separately but only the last 90 days. I don't see on the Capital One site how to download a - forget QDX or something - for quicken. But why did all my 2023-24 transactions disappear in old account that has transactions going back to 2015 (only a couple each month).

I see another thread with lots of folks having similar issue but not losing 2 years of data but shows downloads data when it doesn't - which is what my original account (showing in left tab) did.

I replaced the missing transactions in 3 other accounts so don't want to have to redo that by using a backup. Someone suggested on now closed thread, to try reverting to the old version of Quicken before the latest update. But not sure it is worth it. There is obviously an issue with the Capital One.

Windows 10 latest update and only happened the first time I downloaded after the latest Quicken Classic Business and Personal download.


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    Filtered register? Unexpected register sort order? "Missing" data? Unusual Running Balance?

    Did an unexpected mouse click mess up your register?
    Could it be that your account register in Quicken is
    - filtered to show only certain transaction types or
    - sorted in some unexpected way other than by Date or
    - limited to a certain Date Range or
    - perhaps only showing the results of a search instead of "all transactions" or
    - not scrolled all the way to the top or bottom of the register or
    - shows an unusual, perhaps meaningless, balance?

    Filtered register?

    Check the filter settings (on top of the register). Is the register filtered in any way to only show selected transactions? If so, click the Reset button to reset the filters.

    To show all transactions in the register, the Filter settings should be:

    "All Dates", "Any Type", "All Transactions".

    Date Range filter selection excludes the dates you're interested in?

    Check the Date Range filter to see if it prevents you from seeing the dates you're interested in. For example, a Date Range = "This Year" won't show you last year's transactions

    Only Search results shown?

    Is there any text in the Search box at the top of the account register?

    If there is text and a (red) X, click the X to reset the register from showing only search results back to normal mode.

    Unexpected Register sort order?

    Is the register sorted in any way other than by ascending Date? Look at the register's column header ... which column header is highlighted and/or has the little black triangle?

    About Register sort order:

    For best results, your account register should be sorted by Date in ascending order.

    Click a register column header to effect a different sort order by the clicked column. Click the same column header again to toggle between ascending and descending sort order. A small triangle next to the column header indicates the sort order: "▲" pointing up for ascending or "▼" pointing down for descending sort order.

    For more Register Sorting Options, click the Account Actions gear icon then click Sorting Options. Review and work with the available sorting options to see what they do.

    New transactions appear to go missing right after you save them?

    For example, you are entering a number of back-dated transactions and they appear to disappear ... they're most likely above the currently shown transactions page in the register and you have to scroll up to see them. To keep them on the screen, Sorting Option "By Order Entered" will help keep these transactions on the bottom of the register, next to the new transaction entry line. Just don't forget to re-sort the register by Date when you're done.

    Unusual Running Balance?

    If your credit card register shows

    - a Running Balance that is black (positive) when you're sure you're owing money to the bank and it should be red (negative), or vice versa,

    - or it's showing an unusually high positive or negative amount,

    - or it appears to be adding charges to the balance instead of subtracting from it

    please verify that your account register is properly sorted by Date and not filtered.