Randomly losing cash transactions


Quicken seems to sometimes lose transactions I've manually entered into my Cash Acct. I first noticed it a few months ago, and thought maybe I'd just forgotten to enter them. But I noticed it again today. These are all manually entered transactions, so there's nothing complicated about interactions with banks or anything.

I opened up my most recent backup (from 8 days ago) and the missing transactions were there. So this time I know for sure I had entered them.

The only commonality I can see is that all the missing transactions are receipts (i.e., cash income, not spending), and all in one particular income category.

Since the backup I mentioned, I've done lots of downloading and editing the categories of the downloaded (and older) transactions. The only possible way I touch the Cash Acct in all that is that sometimes Quicken stupidly assigns a transaction the category [Cash Acct] and I have to correct it. Seems to do that a lot for my Starbucks card reloads, which get downloaded with a memo line containing the string "GIFT CARD", but what the heck?

Currently running R55.15 on Windows 10 Home.


  • vanmelle98
    vanmelle98 Member ✭✭

    Aha! I caught it doing it just now. I downloaded transactions from my Amex account. For no apparent reason Quicken assigned [Cash Acct] as the category on one of the transactions. Over in my Cash Acct, the category of one of my income transactions for the same dollar amount had mysteriously changed from my income category to [Amex]. When I corrected the [Cash Acct] category in the Amex download to the correct category, the cash transaction disappeared from my Cash Acct.

    Coincidentally or not, all those incorrectly categorized Starbucks transactions I mentioned in my first message were also for the same dollar amount as all the vanished cash transactions.