Zillow not updating or finding my address any longer

I have been using Zillow estimate for some time and it has worked fine. Recently, the home value stopped updating and I tried several things to correct. What I found is that every house on my street can be pulled up in Quicken to link except mine and it was previously working but simply stopped updating after many months. If I go on Zillow, of course my property is there along with proper address, etc. I also track another home that works just fine. There are some old posts on here about same problem and I've tried all of those things but my property clearly went from visible and working to not visible and no longer working. I tried changing fields, towns, zip codes, validate, super validate and nothing working. This is going on since end of December and still will not work.


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    @Tom G

    I updated Zestimate in December 2023 also without issue. I tried again in March 2024 and no property was found by Quicken in Zillow. I opened up Zillow (not logged in) and typed the address of the property and the property was found on Zillow's web site drop down of addresses. I selected the drop down address and the property came up. The only difference I noted in the address I typed in and the drop down address Zillow displayed was that the word "Terrace" I typed in was shown in the drop down address as "Ter". Went back to Quicken and "Checked for updated Zestimate" and it worked on March 17, 2024.

    Have you tried the function shown in this screenshot with red arrow to see if that helps?

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    When I click on that, nothing happens. This was working fully end of last year. I can pull up all of my neighbors houses. It simply does not make sense.

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    Same problem!