Missing Transactions from Bank of America - All Other States - PROBLEM FIXED

I was having a major issue with Bank of America - All Other States, both credit cards and a checking account missing downloaded transactions on almost a daily basis (credit cards were missing posted transactions daily, checking missing occasional sporadic posted transactions). This level of unreliability was unacceptable, so I endeavored to solve it, and I think I did.

It seemed that whatever steps I tried, they did not work, so I thought the problem was somehow with the .QDF file, even though the "validate and repair" process did NOT detect a problem. Here is what I did. I hope this info helps those with this problem to resolve their issue, as nicely as it did mine:

First, I deactivated ALL of those accounts (for Bank of America - All Other States).

Next, I added back Bank of America - All Other States, but I had to give each account a DIFFERENT NAME when adding it, so I would not add to or delete the data for the existing account. When asked if I wish to add, link or "don't add" those accounts, I chose to add NEW accounts (so I could see if the Bank was downloading ALL of the transactions after adding). It did indeed add ALL of the transactions, including those that had been missing from the pre-existing data.

I then looked carefully at the existing accounts: Any existing account with missing data was then targeted to be rebuilt.

Since the bank downloads only a certain number of days of transactions, I had to COPY transactions prior to the earliest downloaded transaction date from the existing data into the NEW download (easily distinguishable, because I changed the account names (above)).

I made sure the online balance was equal to the new balance shown in the newly downloaded register, which now also had the copied transactions predating the earliest downloaded transaction date. If the balances were off, it was because of a missing or duplicate transaction in the old (copied) transaction records, and not in the newly downloaded transactions (assuming the online balance and the register balance were the same right after the download completed, which they SHOULD HAVE BEEN).

I then adjusted the starting balance so that the ending register balance for that account would equal the online balance.

I then monitored carefully newly downloaded data each day to make sure the online balance for that account equaled the register balance. It worked - apparently, this rebuilt the account record and I could then delete the old (existing) record for that specific account.

After deleting the old (existing) record for the specific account, I deactivated the accounts, again, and renamed the new account back to the name of the old account (an unnecessary step, but one I performed to maintain the same account names and naming conventions that I use in Quicken). I then reactivated the accounts and added back the accounts, LINKING them to the existing (and fixed) accounts in my register.

After monitoring these accounts since the last week in February, I am pleased to say this problem has not occurred again. I had been having this problem on a daily basis, as transactions were missing every day there were new transactions that were downloaded. So, it does seem these steps have completely fixed the problem. Going on about 26 days now with no missing transactions.

Hope this helps.