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A small-ish club for which I am the President approved the purchase of Quicken to manage the clubs finances several years ago. Our Treasurer purchased Quicken. Prior to this she had never purchased, or used, Quicken. She used her personal email address as our Quicken ID.

A new Treasurer will take over for her in May. How can we 'fix' the Quicken membership so that we can change the Quicken ID of the owner to something other than the prior Treasurers personal email address?


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    @kayakor I think the simplest thing to do is to contact Quicken Support to have your Quicken Account transferred to a new Quicken ID and the old one closed. I think just changing the Quicken ID might not work because it only changes some of the ownership but not all.

    Before you call it might be a good idea to create the new Quicken ID and have it ready.

    After the new Quicken ID is created and the account subscription information transferred over to it, when you first open the data file, you will get an alert about the new Quicken ID. Just then indicate that the new Quicken ID is the new owner of the data file.