How can I set default so it opens each account at the end of the register? (Q Mac)

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I've been using Quicken since the 1990s and I have transactions in some accounts that date back that far. I prefer to have my account register go in chronological order from oldest to newest, with the newest at the bottom of the register.

Sometimes when I open an existing account, the account opens at the top of the register (old transactions) and requires me to scroll through 20 years of transactions to get to the bottom to make a new entry or see recent entries.

Is there a setting where I can set-up the default for each account so the register will open at the bottom with the most recent transactions showing?


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    Quicken is supposed to remember the last scroll position of a register when you leave it. But this is an old problem where the registers don't remember the last scroll position when they are reopened. AFAIK, nobody has found a reliable solution to this. One thing you can try is to scroll to the bottom of the register. Then edit the newest transaction making at least one change (like adding a character to the memo field). Then save the change and immediately quit Quicken. This works sometimes, but has not always been a reliable fix.

    In the mean time, you don't have to actually scroll to get to the bottom of the register. If you have an extended keyboard, you can hit the "end" key to jump to the bottom of the register. If you don't have an extended keyboard, then fn-RightArrrow does the same thing.

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    RickO, thanks for the keyboard tip. My keyboard happens to be "option" + down arrow. Works great. I'll be using it a lot .