downloading payments


I pay my bills through my bank, not Quickens program. I am concerned that some recent bills I paid through the online center are not going through. I paid 4 bills and they show up in the register with a lightning bolt next to it, and a small envelope that says payments are waiting to be sent.

When I go back into the On Line Center those same 4 transactions show up on that page with a delivery date. Then, when I try to close quicken I see a message telling me that I have online payments to be sent and do I want to send before exiting. They are the same 4 bills that I previously sent. Because of that, I am concerned that they truly did not get sent!

What could be the problem? Thank you


  • UKR
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    What is the download connection protocol to your bank checking account? Direct connect or Express Web Connect (with or without a + sign)?

    Did your bank recently make you reconnect / reauthorize your checking account and change download protocol along the way?