PNC Direct Connect and Web Connect stopped working March 30 2024

Wow, working with PNC is very difficult. I also started having trouble with not being able to do Web Connect to my PNC credit cards. I spent close to 3 hours on the phone with their no-help people on Monday April 1 2024. Now today Tuesday April 2 2024 Direct Connect has also stopped working. So now nothing is working with PNC. I contacted Quicken and they said this is a know problem with PNC's servers. I do have some accounts with Chase Bank and every thing is working fine. I told PNC no-support people this and they said they know nothing about it, I should move all accounts to Chase Bank.


  • jimshu1
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    My PNC Direct Connect accounts are working and are connecting. My PNC VISA account is not. It uses PNC Bank - Web Connect. It hasn't connected since late last week.

    I have gone through re-authorizing this VISA account in Quicken with PNC numerous times. It is successful each time and Quicken recognizes the change, but errors out as shown in the 2nd image.

    When I return to Quicken, I receive this error message:

    Quicken Deluxe for Windows. Latest subscription version. I've been a user for decades.

    - Jim S.
  • louguzik
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    I got the same problem. And now my direct connect has stopped working. I had to setup Bill Pay thru PNC web login. Just got off the phone with Quicken support. They now said it is a known problem since March 7 2024. They are slowly correcting the bank problems one by one with no completion date given. PNC Bank sucks, Quicken sucks. I'm moving all my account to Chase Bank and some other money software.

    Good luck to all.

  • jcburger733
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    I am struggling with the same issue. I am not sure f the problem is PNC Bank or if it is Quicken. I went to an older Quicken backup and PNC bank connection worked fine. The reason I decided to re-establish the connection to the PNC bank was due to the balance . I am not able to re-establish the connection from quicken to PNC Bank after updating. Quicken really needs to work with PNC to resolve this issue.vThis all started on April 2nd for me. I now have to update PNC bamk manually. since I cannot quicken cannot connect to PNC Bank.

  • bobcm77
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    I cannot transfer money between my three PNC accounts or pay bills. Problem has been going on since 2/21/24. What is the schedule for fixing?