"Clear All Splits" for multiple transactions

I created a clearing account for my PayPal transactions. When I imported them, almost all 900 transactions came in as splits for the category. I have tried to find a way to delete or edit the category for these transactions, but Quicken is forcing me to go into them one by one to delete the split and assign a new category, which is EXTREMELY time consuming and cumbersome. I have been searching online for a way to fix this and found another question about this on this site by a Mac user. The answer was "Your transactions which are showing up with splits are doing so because you have previously saved QuickFill rules which are being applied to transactions downloaded from these Payees. All you need to do is delete, or change, the Quick Fill rules (in Window > Payees & Rules > QuickFill Rules). You might also prefer to set the Settings/Preference for QuickFill Rules to not automatically create QuickFill rules, so you can create a rule only when you specifically want one." I found this feature in windows under Tools > Memorized Payee List (I did not find QuickFill Rules and assume this is the Windows equivalent), but there are no memorized payees listed as splits and this is happening to all of the transactions in my PayPal account with multiple different payees. I have looked up several of the payees to see if there were rules that I could delete, but they are not listed. Instead, it seems that Quicken uploaded all my new transactions to match a previous transaction with a split, regardless of the payee. Please help me find a solution to this problem without having to manually edit 900+ transactions with multiple-step edits!