Edit Multiple Transactions Not Working Correctly


Not sure how to get effective help in the forum on this one. I reported a bug to quicken via the 'Report a Problem' button which at first glance seems so convenient, but you get no record number and a note that says Quicken will not communicate with you about the problem. In that case, there is zero feedback about whether your bug report has been received, reproduced or fixed! It's so close to being a great system. I can talk about it here, but I can't submit a sample qdf file to show the problem.

Here's the problem. In an investment register you have 5 buys of stock. All on 3/31. 5 different symbols. Then on 4/2, you have 5 corresponding 'Remove' transactions. Now choose Actions/Edit Multiple Transactions. Select all of the 'Remove' transactions and choose 'Duplicate'. The transaction dialog comes up for each. The first is for symb5. Change the newly duplicated transaction from 'Remove' to 'Sell'. Change the date to 4/1. Hit done. All seems well. Now the next dialog box the comes up is for symb3 (should be symb4). Repeat modifications and hit done. Now the next dialog that comes up is for symb1. Repeat…now next dialog that comes up isn't even for one of the 'Remove' transactions that are supposed to being iterated over. Instead it is for one of the newly entered 'Sell' transactions. Quicken is clearly losing track of the set of transactions over which it is supposed to be operating.

Quicken….it would be great if you could replicate this problem and confirm that it has been logged into the system. Feel free to reach me privately for more information.