Windows to Mac Conversion


I've been using QWin (subscription, version R55.26) for many years (running W10 on Parallels v19 on 2017 intel-based iMac). Now I upgraded my Mac to a 2024 M3 MacBook Air (MacOS 14.3) and took a new look at QM (subscription, version 7.6.1). Up to this point, I have used the RENTAL PROPERTY tab in QWin.

I know there are issues with the conversions, i.e. not all info gets carried to the Mac (one obvious reason being that the QM doesn't provide the same features as QWin so, obviously, data associated with non-supported features may not be carried over or may not be carried over in a meaningful way). The help menu provides a list of items that are carried over & not carried. Tags is one of the items the conversion process should preserve. For me this is partly true. The tags associated with my rental properties are not preserved. The remaining tags seems to be carried over properly. Now this may make sense since the tags associated with rental properties come from the Rental Property tab and not the Tag List editor (QM doesn't have a feature equivalent to the RENTAL PROPERTY tab). To work around this issue I defined a new tag (in the tag list editor) and re-tagged the transactions associated with a rental property. Then in 'RENTAL PROPERTY→ Properties & Tenants → Show Property List' I deleted that property. In theory, all transactions associated with that rental property should now look like all other personal transaction tags. Then I went thru the conversion process again… but the issue remained the same. That new tag didn't get carried while all the old non-Rental related tags did get carried over.

Any idea how to resolve this issue?

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