online payee changing as transaction is entered


I had a bug some number of years ago, which I posted here, but couldn't find to re-reference. What had happened was that I created an online transaction, and sometime before it got synced with the bank, the payee changed to the last person I had made an online transaction with. I didn't notice, and paid the wrong company (and was late in paying the person I intended).

Well, it happened again! I had a quarterly reminder for my property taxes. I clicked on a bunch of other recurring transactions to enter them in my register, no problem. With this one, I also typed "send" in the field for the check number, planning to sync and update my bank. When I was done, though, it was still at the top of the transaction list. I thought maybe I clicked on the wrong transaction and tried again. Went to the bank register and found two "send" transactions waiting, both for the thousands of dollars intended for taxes, but with the payee changed to the last company I'd sent something to!!! I manually edited one payee and deleted the other transaction, but … what the HECK is going on here?

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