R55.26 Charles Schwab incorrect # shares due to not downloading transactions

Joseph Witkin
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Since update to R55.26US, I am getting errors in my Charles Schwab accounts that number of shares in Quicken do not match shares reported by institution. I have verified that this appears due to reinvestment of dividends to buy shares transactions (visible on Schwab website) that occurred on 3/29 have not downloaded (today is 4/6) - share count would match if the transactions had been downloaded.

UPDATE - reverted to R55.15, restored file backup from 3/28, re-downloaded One Step Update, all transactions now downloaded, no shares balance errors.

I did get CC501 errors for my Schwab accounts saying that the accounts could not be updated because of an error on the Quicken server, despite the fact that the accounts DID update, with nothing missing. Updating Schwab individually again, I first get a green dot indicating OK, but then the 501 error posts again. Nonetheless, all transactions are downloaded and share and cash balances are all correct with the prior Quicken version.

UPDATE- next morning, CC501 errors gone, downloading normally

Had to re-enter all checking and credit card transactions for the last week…

Quicken was better when there was a stable version once a year and no subscription…

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