One Step Update - some accounts not downloading while others get CC-800

Bill West
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Quicken, please get to the root of all the OSU issues, including CC-800s randomly popping up across accounts! There are way too many postings of this issue yet NOTHING has been resolved.

I have two Quicken files - both have randomly experienced CC-800 errors in the last few weeks, including: Barclays Card (American Airlines), BestBuy (Citibank) and now Chase (two credit cards). I have followed the detailed instructions on the many threads out there about fixing CC-800 yet I still have them occurring on accounts.

In addition, today I looked at the last successful dates of OSU accounts and found many to not have been updated despite showing successful updates. American Express (2 accounts) and Synchrony (Amazon) show success everyday yet haven't been updated since late March - at least two weeks ago!

I have used Quicken for over 20 years and have never experienced so many issues with OSU. I use Quicken to monitor & pay my account balances and now can no longer trust Quicken . We are paying an annual subscription yet each subsequent maintenance release seems to bring more unreliability.

I am not a novice - I am a retired CIO/ VP of IT and have worked with financial systems for 40+ years. I find myself wasting more time trying to reconcile my Quicken files than it's worth.

Quicken for Windows R55.26 Build


  • RalphC
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    I have not experienced any CC-800 errors, so I don't think there's a systemic Quicken issue. But this is a Quicken user forum. If you need assistance from Quicken, you should open a ticket with Quicken Support.

  • Bill West
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    Thanks RalphC. Glad you aren't you aren't experiencing these issues. If you search cc-800 on this forum you will see the many issues that others, like me, have been experiencing the last few weeks and Quicken's suggestions to resolve … to no avail. I have opened a ticket with Quicken Support.

  • Bill West
    Bill West Member ✭✭✭

    I have worked with Quicken support and they acknowledged that the CC-800 issue is being experienced by many users but have not yet found the root cause. They provided the following "clean start" resolution which requires copying your existing file to a new one and then reactivating online services for all your accounts.

    Note: By default, your new file name will be your original file name appended with "cpy". If you wish to continue using your original file name, I suggest renaming your original file to <filename-old> BEFORE starting the copy routine. That way, when you create the new copy, you can save it under your original filename.

    1. Open Quicken to your existing file
    2. Go to File / Copy or backup file…
    3. Select "Create a copy or template"
    4. Quicken will then ask for the name and location of your new copy.
    5. Once entering/confirming the name and location of the new file, proceed ahead with SAVE COPY.
    6. Upon completion of the copy, you will be prompted to open either your original file or new copy. Select new copy.
    7. The file will now be a "clean copy" without any corruption that may have been caused by previous One Step Updates…
    8. All accounts will now need to have online services reactivated.

    I have followed this routine for two Quicken files and, so far, things look good. Do not attempt to follow other instructions in this forum which suggest deactivating / reactivating online services in your existing file. You must make a new copy first.

  • owl1161
    owl1161 Member ✭✭

    I have done this repeatedly since late February. Once I finally get all the accounts working with OSU, it lasts about 2 weeks and starts again. The most recent, I worked with Quicken Support on the phone April 3, went through all the steps. All the accounts were working with OSU again. This lasted until today, Discover Card CC-800. It seems like OSU is corrupting the file.

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