Match Security Dialog Suddenly appears after one step update

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I've been using quicken forever (20 years). The behavior described below is the way it has always behaved:

  1. do one step update to download investment transactions
  2. new symbols automatically added to Security List
  3. open individual accounts to accept/reject the new transactions

I have two separate qdf files. One continues to function as it always has. The other suddenly started to pop open the 'Match Security' Dialog for every account after every download. That dialog opens once for every single new security and I have to manually dismiss it for each and every symbol. My other data file functions completely normally (no Match Security Dialog) so obviously Quicken can function in that manner. Is there a way to get the symbols to automatically add to the securities list again. This is a major monkey wrench in my worklow. At the very least there should be a way to tell Quick 'no to all' so I don't have to click to dismiss the dialog over and over.

There have been no changes in Quicken version.

Thanks for any ideas.

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