Some Chase Credit Card transactions not being downloaded


Spoke with Support and they said the “One Step Update” process takes all transactions the “Bank (Chase bank – all 3 credit cards)” provides.

After 1 hour and 30 minutes on the phone trying various things the Support person created a trouble problem ticket # 10973861. He did not know how long it would take to the escalation team to fix the problem and get back with me.

If you know of a solution please post it here. If you have the same problem, please call support and complain. If other customers test their transactions and report a problem the Ticket(s) will get more priority.

Background I found a stack of old receipts 2023 thru 2024 and tried to look them up in my quicken data to see if I had categorized them correctly. There were 10 receipts that the “One Step Update” did not record. Let’s call that a 10% failure rate. Since I don’t have all my receipts, I have know way of knowing how many are missing.

I do not believe the statement “the “One Step Update” process takes all transactions the Bank provides” is correct.

I was able to see all the transactions on my credit card statements, they were all included in my CSV download and QFX download. So, I know they exist in the Chase system.

The support person suggested that I add them manually, problem is I do not know how many are missing. It would take days.

Problem with the QFX download/import is that any transactions where I had added information in the Memo field were Duplicated I had 100's of duplicates in the time period we tested, it would take days to reconcile.

I am a “One Step Update” customer (update and forget it) and I count on Quicken to get it right. I am not willing to spend days reconciling old transactions and any new transactions that may not get picked up😕.

I am a retired IT person with 45 years of experience programing computers. They have a problem and need to fix it.

I am using quicken Classic Deluxe Version r55.26 Build


  • Unhappy Pappy
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    On 4/9/2024 I reported the problem and attached all the files they requested. Was told that they would be escalating my problem.

    Followed-up with quicken just now 4/25/2024. The trouble problem ticket # 10973861. Did not get escalated and the supervisor I talked with said I would need to repeat the trouble shooting steps and Report a problem again. Took 1.5 hours before.

    It's not my problem the quicken team did not do what they said. I am unwilling to spend more time as they dropped the ball.

    The oldest know missing transaction was from 1/10/2024. This has been a known problem, Based on the community posts it's happening to a number of people.

    I will work to reconcile the missing transactions in preparation for moving to a different product.

  • Unhappy Pappy
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    How many missing transactions. 42 out of 2028 or 2%.

    Which banks Citi and Chase

    How much was missing $1,767

    I am voting with my feet and have canceled my subscription.