Setup issue with Express Web Connect and my Wells Fargo accounts

cgwaters Member ✭✭

I'm using Quicken Classic Premier for Windows. Whenever I press the 'Update now' link to download my latest transactions a window appears telling me that my Wells Fargo connection needs an update. I press the 'Reauthorize' button which describes Express Web Connect and takes me to WF's web site, where I log in.

Because I've performed the EWC setup steps numerous times already the WF site lists my accounts as 'connected with Quicken'. I press the Continue button, accept WF's T&Cs, and am informed that my accounts have been authorized successfully. Quicken displays the WF accounts in a summary window.

But when I press the 'Update now' link again, however, the window appears again telling me that my Wells Fargo connection needs an update. No error message appears; however, the connection setup process obviously isn't working. For the time being, I'm able to press the 'Remind me next time' button to get past the window … and all my transactions (including WF) download.

I should mention that I use two-factor authentication when I log on to the WF web site. Could Quicken / EWC be incompatible with that essential security feature? Or is something else amiss?

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