Excel formulas for exported reports

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I used QuickBooks for my business for many years and I remember exporting register reports to Excel and being able to edit or add transactions and the Excel spreadsheet would calculate my changes. I see from discussions here that others would find that a useful addition to Quicken. I understand that Quicken won't be adding that capability but I was wondering if any of you could point me to a source where I could find the needed formulas. My expertise in Excel formulas is clicking on Auto sum and not much else. Ideally, I would like to have an employee enter transactions into an Excel spreadsheet and at the end of the month, I could check it and import it into Quicken. I don't want the employee to have access to my Quicken because it contains personal accounts and it would be too easy for him to make a mistake with the quicken data.

When Quicken exports a register report or an account report, it simplifies it to just the balance column. The spend and receive columns disappear and just the totals of each are displayed. I can add the columns to my exported report but it is beyond my abilities to add the formulas into them.

Any suggestions? Thanks

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