Chase, Capital One and other payments are not downloading!

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This is a HUGE problem! I have had to enter payments (and some charges) manually for months now! I might as well be using an excel spreadsheet instead of Quicken. I have re-authorized accounts but the problem doesn't go away. This is a BUG in your program and it needs to be fixed!!

Additionally, the re-authorization is a MAJOR pain! On what frequency do all my 30 accounts need to be re-authorized? It's like a black box (no instructions on this from quicken). I have a business and personal Chase account, when I re-authorize one, the other drops off from being authorized!


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    You do realize that Quicken can no longer upload payment transactions to Chase & CapOne since the banks migrated from the bi-directional Quicken Direct Connect protocol to the newer "download only" protocol called EWC+

    I'm running R54.16 with my Chase and CapOne accounts - and have no problems downloading any/all transactions -
    Also - have only had to RE-auth maybe once or twice since the EWC+ migration over a year ago -

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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