Installed Quicken 2014 Home & Business on Windows 11 Pro - it works -

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I bought a new computer recently with Win 11 Pro, so I've been migrating from Win 10 Pro. I have been running Quicken 2014 Home & Business for a while (not sure when I first bought it) and see no reason to upgrade since it has everything I need.

I've seen this question come up so I thought I'd give my experience. The TL;DR is that everything thankfully went pretty smoothly. I'll note a question or two along the way in case someone with more knowledge cares to answer.

Luckily I still have the original installation file, so I ran that first. That installs Release R2 (

Then from

I had (in 2021) downloaded the patches. There is some discussion elsewhere about Mondo vs "normal" patches and I ran the Mondo patches. I'm not sure I needed to run all of the patches from R3 → R10 but I since I didn't know what would happen if I went straight to R10 I just ran them all. After the R3 patch I needed to restart. None of the other patches asked for a restart.

I didn't time myself but I don't think I spent even 5 minutes running the patch files. It went very quickly. After that I started up Quicken, which immediately went to the right folder and asked which file was mine. Then I was up and running.

So at least for me it was all great. At least so far.

Good luck to all of you who are going through this right now. I definitely had some concerns about whether this would work or not. Hope it all works well for you.

For those of you running other versions of Quicken, you can look here for patches

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