Will a 2016 Back Up Work on the new Quicken?

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Or does one have to go through a lengthy conversion?


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    First keep an EXTRA backup copy of the Quicken 2016 file which you can revert to just in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

    To answer your question, from what I know, the moment you open the Quicken 2016 Backup file in the new Quicken (I presume the latest subscription version), it will convert the file to the new Quicken format.

    Officially, as per Quicken support available at this link,


    If you are converting a data file from Quicken 2010 or later 
    You're all set! An intermediate version of Quicken is not necessary. Simply install your new version of Quicken and open your data file. You don't need to follow the steps in this article. 

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