Loan Amount Changed by Quicken and Amortization now incorrect.

Zoolook Member, Mac Beta Beta

So I have a very odd issue. I have a loan for Solar which I have been tracking since July last year and have never had any issues with it. For April's payment, I notice that the scheduled amount had changed and was wrong. In going into to load details, the monthly amount is different to what it should be, and has been, but when I go to edit the amount, it's correct. Also I noticed that the amortization is showing the same principle each month, which is incorrect as the interest/principle

ration changes with every payment.

I've set up dozens of loan accounts over the years, cars, mortgages, personal and never had this issue. This loan is also entered into Quicken for Mac in an identical way and has no issue. It might be a data corruption problem, but I cannot fix it.

Screen shot attached (Windows). Blue is correct, red is incorrect. Note the principle payment does not change.

Mac Version (correct) I have kept the two going since July and never had an issue until this month. Note the principle schedule decreasing as it should.

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