I work in two currencies, Euros and Dollars....


I work in two currencies, Euros and Dollars, some significant amounts in each every month. I have two accounts setup for cash transactions that are only in Euros, but I have two checking accounts (mine and spouse) that have transactions in both. Handing those that come in converted to dollars is no problem, the bank takes care of the conversions (for a fee).

Planning is a different matter. While I know what the bill in Euros will be, there (seems to be? Is.) no option to set the currency of a planned bill. That would be a feature I would really like to see…. (feature, not glitch…. a joke for the techs…)

A second challenge is that Quicken only succeeds at updating currency exchange rates every tenth time…. if I am lucky, any chance that could be much closer to 100% of the time?