When trying to add Paypal Savings and Paypal Credit, Quicken says "accounts not found"

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  • dmbirdsey
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    My issue with Paypal Savings and Paypal Credit is that Quicken says "accounts not found". I’ve verified password etc. (and they were working jsut fine last week).

  • Ladyianna
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    I also am having problems with regular Paypal cash account and PayPal Credit. (this is not a credit card, just a credit account)

    Paypal has multiple account set ups. Paypal Cash, Paypal Crypto, Paypal Credit (no card), Paypal Credit Mastercard(?) etc.

    I have a Paypal cash account and Paypal Credit (no card, online only) The PayPal Credit account is a revolving account owned by Synchrony. PayPal Cash is NOT. The only way to get into a Paypal Credit account is to log onto the PAYPAL cash page and get transferred to Synchrony automagically. I have tried to log into Paypal Credit through Synchrony's website for their Branded Credit Card accounts and was not able to. It comes up as account not existing, even with the account number. So Synchrony owns the PayPal Credit account but does not recognize it on their own website. (I have a Synchrony Lowes branded account and can get into that through the Synchrony website.)

    Interestingly enough, when I went to add my PayPal Credit account into Quicken it brings up my CD Savings accounts which I have with Synchrony.

    Knowing all of this, I suspect it is a problem on Synchrony's side that it is not recognizing the PayPal Credit account as a separate account. This may be due to the Paypal Credit account being a REVOLVING account and not an actual CREDIT CARD.

    So if you are adding it through the Paypal Credit, Mastercard, and Crypto, it's not going to work to automatically download the Paypal Credit (Revolving) account. It seems the Synchrony doesn't recognize it as a separate account. (by best guess)

    Not sure if any of this helps anyone, but I thought I'd add it anyway.

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