Error Message CC-505


Hello there. I have been using Quicken Classic for five years. I currently have Ver. R55.26, Build I use this on a PC running Windows 11. After the last update, it seems that I am unable to link with Quicken loans (also called Rocket Mortgage). I have my home loan with them. In the past when I sync all my bank accounts, I was able to sync my mortgage, which is a Property & Debt account in my Quicken program, and keep an accurate record of all my interest and principle payments for the life of the loan. Quicken recently notified me that they were adopting a new connection service with all the banks and that I would have to reestablish my linkage on all the accounts. I succeeded with all my checking and savings accounts but have not been able to do so with Quicken loans. On my Quicken loans website, I was able to link to my checking account and savings account at Chase bank. However, I still get an error message CC-505 whenever I try to sync from the Quicken program. Any suggestions?

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