Problem with erroneous downloaded category


Recently when I download transactions into a bank savings account, one entry is mis-categorized as from a credit card (even though I have memorized the transaction to the correct category).

When I correct the category, the credit card totals (which agreed before) now change with no obvious entry. It seems that my changing the savings account category debits the credit card Quicken Total as the online balance remains correct.


  • UKR
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    If you create a transfer transaction, Quicken stores two linked transactions in its data file.
    One transaction in the "Transfer-From" account register, another one in the "Transfer-To" account register.
    If you change the Category in one of the transactions, the change is reflected in the other one. This will make it appear as if the transaction in the original transfer-to account disappeared. Well, it did. It's now in the updated transfer-to register or, if you changed the Category to an income or expense category, there no longer is a linked 2nd transaction.

    Where transfer transactions are involved and you rely on Quicken to automatically create the correct linked transaction pair, Quicken may not be able to do it correctly. My recommendation is to manually record all your transfer transactions, perhaps using Scheduled Reminders for recurring events, and to do so BEFORE you download transactions from the banks containing transfers.
    Now manually review and accept each transaction. If done correctly, Quicken should be able to match the downloaded transaction to what's already in the register.
    Exceptions to the above may be when you have multiple transfer transactions within a few days of each other and using the same amount. Quicken may not be able to differentiate between $100 transfer from Bank A to Bank B and another transfer $100 from Bank A to Bank C. In this case, careful manual matching is advised

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    I don't understand.

    Suppose I download transactions and there was a $10 deposit to my checking account, but showing the category as my Credit Card A. Credit Card A currently shows a Online and Quicken Balance of $100.

    The $10 savings deposit was an amount that I deposited at the bank, so it was not associated with any Quicken accounts, but, for some reason it was automatically attributed to a transfer from Credit Card A.

    When I change the savings transaction to a deposit, the Credit Card A balances become $100 for the Online Balance and $90 for the Quicken balance. The mischaracterization, for some reason, occurred on the download without any interaction from me. There is no relevant entry in the Credit card register to adjust.

    So now I have my savings balance correct, but how do I adjust the Credit Card A balance since there is no transaction to adjust??