56.9 Budget Not Including all Occurrences of Reminder


Since 56.9 install. Two examples. 1. Reminder set for 1st and 15th, when looking at category row in Budget by month, it only reflects 1 occurrence of this reminder in each month. 2. Reminder set for every 2 weeks on Friday, when looking at category row in Budget by month, it shows 2 per month but does not show third occurrence when there is a month that has 3. For example. I get paid every other Friday, most months I have 2 checks but 2 months a year, I get 3. Since 56.9, the budget is not showing the total for the 3rd occurrence on the future month when it will occur.


  • km4570
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    I forgot to add that this is happening on the Planning page when the "Actuals Only" view is selected. I have also noticed that when looking at the Transactions from the hyperlink of the value in the Planning screen, the 2 transactions are showing the same date. Here is an example. In August, I will get 3 paychecks on Aug 2, Aug 16 and Aug 30. This is every other Friday in August as the reminder is set. The Planning Budget Actual view for the month of August shows only 2 checks and shows both as occurring on Aug 2, see screenshot for example.

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    I have a similar problem that has recently occurred. I have a paycheck set up twice a month. With Include Reminders turned on, for the current month, both paychecks are reflected in the actual column. However, for future months, only one of them is reflected.