No Reporting Across Different Currency Accounts??? (Quicken Canada for Mac Subscription)


I recently moved to Quicken and am amazed there does not seem to be a way to report summaries across multi currency accounts. I did a quick search here and see this feature request dates back to 2016 and it still not here! It seems like the most basic feature users (who have multi currency holdings/accounts) would want!!!

The funny thing is the left hand summary panel seems to have this capability reporting Banking, Investing, Brokerage, etc. accounts in CAD and even reports a valid "net worth" total at the bottom of the panel in CAD!

However, this same feature is NOT available in any other area of the app. The Net Worth dashboard widgets ONLY report on CAD accounts even if USD, EUR, etc. accounts are included in the widget configuration. For Investing summaries, I can select "All CAD Accounts", "All USD Accounts", etc. but CANNOT simply select "All Accounts" so when looking to gauge daily portfolio performance I have to check and convert all currency accounts manually, convert to CAD, and sum them up!!!

Lastly, this fundamental limitation also extends to reporting. Reports can be configured across multiple currency accounts but then you are forced to select each currency individually in the resultant report!!!

This seems crazy there is no way to track holdings, net worth, and investment performance across multiple currency accounts without pulling out my calculator!!!