Bank of America Does Not Auto Download Transactionsmust now Use


I noticed that Bank of America Corp (BAC) transactions are not downloading since 04/29/2024. I was forced to "reauthorize" my connection to the Bank's website just before that and now, no transactions download. I "Deactivated" my checking as a test and I am forced to use Web Connect, which I have NEVER used. I have been using Quicken for 20 years. If I have to use Web Connect, I'll have to do it for EACH acount with BAC. I have 5 separate accounts with BAC and several with Merrill Lynch (ML) and do NOT want to download every account, one at a time. Why can I not download transactions with Quicken Update?


  • nineseas
    nineseas Member ✭✭

    I may have corrected the issue, but it ain't easy. I deactivated Preference for Pending Transcations - in case that had caused the lack of transcation downloads. I then deactivated my Checking and then re-added accounts for Bank of America. It asked me to reauthorize access to BAC, and after matching the newly found account with an existing Quicken account, my checking transactions downloaded. I then repeated this Deactivate / Re-add account / Match to existing Quicken Account procedure, one by stinking one. Each time the transactions downloaded and I just had to delete only a few duplicates.

    I will follow this closely over the next few days. This is the beginning of a billing month for most of my accounts and this is VERY INCONVENIENT.

  • rcelio
    rcelio Member ✭✭

    5 merrill lynch accounts have been sync'g fine for years… Now it doesn't work. spoke with quicken tech support, they walked me through troubleshooting that I had already done but told me we if we don't do this they can't escalate… after repeating steps I had tried, she said "it must be merrill's system, check with them.." YIKES. Spoke we rep at Merrill and he couldn't find anything saying there is a problem on their side so here we are stuck in the middle. I can download Merrill activity back to 2022 but and then import to Quicken but that probably means duplicates and other messes, plus would have to repeat every week or month… Looks like I'll just delete the Merrill accounts and not use Quicken for this any more.