Online Bills shows Citi credit cards total-pmts.-due amts. that are 1 cent short of actual


I have 3 different Citi credit cards, all set up as Online Bills. Sometimes the total-pmts.-due amts. downloaded by Quicken (Deluxe) from Citi Bank (the FI partner) are exactly 1 cent short of correct amts. This happens unpredictably each month across each of the 3 cards.

A very bad thing because making an online pmt. using these incorrect amts. via the "enter" feature in Online Bills will later result in an interest penalty for the entire month. Everyone with a credit card knows how that works.

In a now-closed April 2023 discussion @philquick and @Paul Edwards had the same problem with Chase credit cards and @Bob. said it was a known issue being fixed …….a year ago.

Wondering 1) if the developers fixed the Chase issue 2) could they fix it with Citi.


  • Bob.
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    Its still not fixed with Chase. Even though I was told it was being worked on. And you are correct with Citi. Though odd, its not with Amex, nor Wells Fargo.

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